We are FULLY funded - but we have stretch goals!

Thanks to everyone who helped us reach our fundraising goal for HALA. I am floored by all of your support.

Although we've reached our fundraising goal, which is the absolute bare minimum we need to make this film, my team and I are setting a STRETCH GOAL of $20k.

An additional $5k will buy us:

  • expanded production design budget
  • quality post-production services, including color-correction and sound mix
  • finishing services
  • festival submission fees

Any financial support in excess of our fundraising goal is greatly appreciated and will help us make a better film.

Thanks to these amazing people who pushed us over 100%:

Ben Collins
Ilya Khodosh
Si Hui 
Kaitlin Linse
Kevin T. Morales
Genaro Dominguez
Charles Atencio
Shelby Weldon
Ali Zia
Tim Rhomberg
Sherrie Gulmahamad
Lorene Scafaria
Sean Cruser
Rafael Souza
Christopher Jason Bell 
Audry Taylor 
Stover Ryan 
Mathias Hansson 
Roberta Curry 
Robert Carroll 
Shannon Heffernan
Max Taxe 
Sela Shiloni and Jeremy Baril
Cat Cooper
Brian Ward
Bonnie Cao
Tony Vennettilli 
Nirpal Bhogal
Shunori Ramanathan
Tam Nguyen
Jena Carter
Deric A. Hughes
Travis Oberlander
Rick Jones
Nikhil Mulani
Nathan J. Campbell
Belinda Man

We are beyond excited to share this film with you.