Thanks to everyone who contributed on the 2nd day!

With all of your support, we have raised 91% of our fundraising goal. I am floored by all of your generosity and kindness.

Our goal for tomorrow is to raise 95% of our goal. Please share the project with others who you think might be interested in contributing. Every contribution counts.


Mike Le
Ryan Halprin
Jon Matteson
Sue Morris
Aaron Horwitz
Alexandra Addison
Nic Izzi
Ilana E. Strauss
Rachel Kauder Nalebuff
Kelly Roberts
Sujata Day
Jesse M. Feldman
Michael Fraade
Keya Vakhil
Madeline Patricia
Ezra Sherman
Andy Horwitz 
Taylour Chang
Jes Vu
Ross Putman
Stephanie C.
Dylan Brod
Chris Hager
Christian DeAngelis
Steven Bercovitch
Sabir Pirzada
Joe Miller 
Renee Mancuso
Patricia Kelly 
Todd Remis
Michael Patrick Sullivan
Tim Kressman
Jason Killpack
Scott Fleishman
Nick Rheinwald-Jones
Cassian Elwes
Harley Copen
Jason Hellerman
Gus Hickey
Donnacha Kenny
Katie L.
Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Jaron Presant
Ari Lubet
Sara Ataiiyan
Hans Canosa
Coleman Ranahan
Michael Ragen
Brian Gallagher