Our first day of crowdfunding is over!

Good morning, everyone! 

It's our second day crowdfunding for ‪#‎halathefilm‬. Our first day was a phenomenal success. We are currently at 120 backers and 58% of what we expect to raise. 

Here are my action items for you today:

  • Share the project with three people through email, Facebook message, phone, text, or in person!
  • Share the project on your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Our goal is to raise 75% of our budget by the end of today and have at least 150 backers. I am already so grateful for the outpouring of support.

Please support this movie & the filmmakers working so passionately to make it happen. We can't make this movie without you!

As a little bonus, here's me on our location scout with Benji, our cinematographer: