We're now at $17k of our $20k stretch goal - THANK YOU!

A quick update on HALA:

Our stretch goal is now $20k. Financial contributions in excess of our initial fundraising goal help us pay for quality post-production services, including color-correction and sound mix, and festival submission fees.

Thanks to these amazing supporters, we are now at $17k!

Mia Sargent
Rosa Shah
AB Williams
Luke Cutforth
Avishai Weinberger
Rajeev Dassani
Tiffany Roohani
Hunter Wolk
Jordan Bringert
Susan Bianconi
Jinjin Sun
Dara Covick
Jeff Loveness
Wilma Damen
Peter Kaufman
Jill & Gina
Roberto Clemente
Jarrod Murray
Erin Williams
Christina Lee
Isa Qasim
Joseph Nguyen
Chris Rossi
Nadeem Marc Haddad
Tom Eliopoulos
Jess Rivera
TA Snyder
RJ Kinsley