Our second teaser is live today!


It's been a long time coming, but the second teaser for Hala is finally live. I've been raring to share this with you since we finished color last week. 

We launch our crowdfunding campaign on August 3rd. Every contribution counts. $50 or $25 would be an enormous help to us.

If you're interested at all in contributing or supporting this project, please contact me directly (minhalbaig@icloud.com), via Twitter (@minhalbaig) or through Facebook. I'm taking commitments now so that our campaign is successful the day of our launch. 

Share the teasers with your friends, family and anyone who you might think might be interested in contributing to or supporting our movie. 

The teaser would not have been made possible without the help our our friends in filmmaking.

Special thanks to:
Michael Beaudry
Kyle Allen
Mark Lester
Scott Fleishman
Shadi Chabaan
Matt Sanchez
Jesse Cohn
Wooden Nickel