Shooting the Teaser

There's nothing quite like guerrilla filmmaking.

On Thursday night, my DP and my actress went out to shoot promotional footage and stills for the Indiegogo campaign. Of course, we did all of this without any film permits; we packed all of our gear in one vehicle and set out to our first location. We were kicked out almost immediately and had to relocate to a different parking lot. Benji and I did manage to secure some beautiful stills in the back of a high school right at magic hour.

Once our focus puller arrived, we drove to Burbank (our preferred shooting location). We encountered no more security guards, thank goodness. We shot for about an hour and a half, fog machine and all, and I shot all the footage I wanted.

The most amazing part of guerrilla filmmaking is the aspect of discovery. I found things that I didn't even realize I'd have wanted until I saw them. Having a four-person crew (including talent) allows production to be nimble. The picture car was also the transport car. All of our equipment was donated and/or rented at extraordinarily cheap rates. We stole our locations. The shoot became an adventure and a bonding experience. Hala is a personal project and my hope is that our filmmaking team is also a family.

Our teaser shoot would not have been made possible without the help of a lot of our friends in the filmmaking community. Special thanks to: Michael Beaudry, Shadi Chabaan, Mark Lester, Scott Fleishman, Matt Sanchez, Nick Erickson and Wooden Nickel. Thank you for supporting this project!