This is our first.

There is an awful lot of pressure for the first post to be a shot into the dark; a profound mission statement about what's about to happen here. 

So here we are. 

Hala is a project that I am, no joke, dying to make. When people ask me what kinds of movies I want to make as a writer/director, I answer with Hala. This is a deeply personal film; not biographical, of course, but borrowing heavily from my personal experiences as a teenager living in Chicago. Hala is a film that puts me at my most vulnerable. It hurt to write the script, but the pain was in realizing the experiences that have informed my life and human condition are not irrelevant or minor, they are emotionally resonant, meaningful and universally accessible. 

This is a film only made possible with the most passionate people. I am very excited about all of my team members who have committed themselves to this short film, which we hope to eventually shoot as a feature. 

Hala depends on your engagement. Updates on our filmmaking journey, including behind-the-scenes photos and stories, insider-y details, will be diligently recorded for all of you right here. When our crowdfunding campaign launches, Hala will need your contributions and support. Please continue watching this space.