We are wrapped on Hala!

Dear friends & supporters,

You may have noticed that we hadn’t posted an update in a while. My team and I were deep in pre-production, and we finally finished shooting four days of principal photography yesterday. I am very excited to work with my editor and can't wait to share more details about the post-production process.

I wanted to thank the amazing team that made it all happen: Benji Dell, Sara Nassim, Constanza Castro, Chava Cano, Sara Higley, Mallory Evelyn, Kimberly Govea Romo, Michael Beaudry and Ali Helnwein, as well as my actors, Tess Granfield, Jasper Newman, Alfred Adelpour, and Nina Nayebi.

I also wanted to thank you — my Kickstarter backers who made this possible. Thank you for believing in this story, in my team and in me. We could not have been made it this far without all of you.

KS Still.png